Premium Black Protective Tape – Multi Use

Premium Black Protective Tape – Multi Use


Our Premium Black Protective Tape is the Ultimate Protection Tape and a perfect all rounder for any contractor. The tape can be used to protect almost any surface as well as a fixing tape to keep things secure and in place but without the hassle of cleaning glue marks and residue afterwards.

The thick film provides superior handling and abrasion protection as well as protection from plaster and cement, paint and other contaminants which could cause damage to the surface. The specially formulated adhesive provides good adhesion to many surfaces and allows clean removal even after sunlight and outdoor exposure.

The product is a great all rounder and can be used on most surfaces.

Product Information:

  • 48mm x 45m
  • 24 rolls per box
  • 130micron+  thickness
  • Excellent UV Resistance – Up to 12 months


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