Temporary Surface Protection for Your Industry

Whether you manufacture aluminum windows and doors or insulated panels and roof sheets, we have the best removable surface protection solution for you. Our product portfolio offers a wide range of solutions for industries including the steel, glass, flooring, solar, construction, automotive and even the marine industries.

Whether you are in the manufacturing, building, wholesale, or installation industry, our wide manufacturing network means you always have access to products that keep sensitive surfaces and materials safe during storage, processing, delivery and installation!


Building and Construction

A complete range of protection products for the building and construction industry surfaces
aluminum and glass

Aluminium & GLASS

Protect all your glass and aluminium products.
flooring icon


Keep your floors protected during every phase of the project.


Protect all your glass products.


A wide range of solutions to help with all your aluminium needs.

Pre Painted Metals

Resolve challenges that are faced on a daily basis in the steel and metal fabricating industry

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