About Dewpoint Industries

Established in 2003, Dewpoint is a reputable wholesaler and distributor of a variety of removable surface protection products in South Africa.

Our temporary surface protection solutions are geared towards the industrial and construction industry around South Africa.

Dewpoint Industries’ surface protection films, sheets, tapes, and other temporary products are useful in providing protection to the original surface from damage while construction, manufacturing, repair, paintwork, etc are carried out.

You can easily remove the protective solution once the work is done.

Our goal is that our protective products add value to your products and clients. These simple, yet affordable temporary surface protection solutions have saved our customers thousands and nothing makes us happier than receiving the good feedback that we do from happy clients.

Nationwide supply and distribution of temporary surface protection products

Everything we do is with our customers in mind. We have worked hard at establishing good relationships with our clients and suppliers. Our ever growing distribution network gives you a reliable platform through which we deliver service excellence.

We are very proud of our brands and what they have achieved over the past few years. Dewpoint Industries has gone from strength to strength as our temporary surface protection product range has grown into one of the largest available in the country.

We make use of a wide range of expertise, always working to improve and develop more solutions for our loyal client base. Our growing team is currently spearheading Dewpoint’s expansion and servicing clients nationally.