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We supply and distribute a complete range of protection products for materials and surfaces for the building and construction industry. We offer products that protect floors, kitchens, bathrooms and more.

Nationwide Delivery, Our extensive supply network and years of experience mean your Construction Site Protection is the right mix of quality at competitive prices.
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Protective Board

Protective Board

Keep your floors protected during every phase of the project. Our Protective board range offers excellent durability from constant foot traffic, tools and machinery movement on site as well as spill barrier.

Protective Board is a Heavy Duty Floor Protection that is used for protecting most types of floors and surfaces including wooden floors, vinyl floors, porcelain and ceramic tiled floors and even polished concrete and epoxy floors. on general building and construction sites and projects with moderate foot traffic.

UV Resistant Protective Tapes

UV Resistant Protective Tapes

Protect aluminium window and door frames on building sites with any of our UV resistant Protective tapes without leaving a glue residue behind when removed.

Our protective tape products have a specially formulated adhesive provides good adhesion to many surfaces and allows clean removal even after sunlight and outdoor exposure.

Pre Taped Dust & Paint Protective Film

Pre-Taped Dust & Paint Protective film

Protect a variety of surfaces from dust, cement & plaster, paint drips & overspray during building works and renovation, allowing you to perform your work with confidence.

Glass Protective Film

Glass Protective Film

We offer a wide range of affordable, world-class self-adhesive UV resistant glass protective films to prevent damage to glass windows and doors, glass fenestrations and facades, frameless glass doors and glass balustrades on building sites during construction and renovations.

Carpet Protect Film

Carpet Protective Film

Designed to protect floor surfaces ranging from carpets to vinyl and even tiles. The thick and durable self-adhesive film offers excellent protection against foot traffic, tools and material movement on site 

Edge Protect Board

Edge Protect

Protect vulnerable edges like door frames, stair nosing, kitchen counters and build in cupboard edges on busy building sites from impact and scratches during construction and renovations.

Masking Tape

Masking tape

We offer a wide range of masking tapes in various sizes including blue painters tape, high temperature masking tape and general use masking tape for all painting and building contractors.

Building Site Cleaning Solutions

Building Site Cleaning Solutions

We supply a range of cleaning solutions from heavy duty glue removal chemicals that is safe to use on aluminium windows and doors to window squeegees, mops and brooms and general cleaning equipment to keep your building sites clean.


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