Aluminium Protection Solutions

Keep all your aluminium surfaces and materials protected with this wide range of removable, temporary surface protection products for aluminium. Ideal for manufacturers, wholesalers, and installers who care about quality and reliable customer service.

Nationwide Delivery, Our extensive supply network and years of experience mean your Aluminium Protection is the right mix of quality at competitive prices.
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Tech Film Premium Aluminum Protection

General Protection Film

Temporary protection products for aluminium surfaces including powder coated, natural and anodized aluminium. Tech Film Premium Grey is a multi-layered self-adhesive glass protective film with added UV resistance. Our film range is part of our wide range of temporary surface protection solutions and is designed to protect fenestrations, glass facades and shopfronts as well as aluminium windows and doors during manufacturing, transportation and installation on active building and construction sites.

Protective Tape for Aluminium Surfaces

Aluminium Protection Tape

A complete range of protection tapes for aluminium extrusions and aluminium windows and doors. The thick film provides superior handling and abrasion protection as well as protection from plaster and cement, paint and other contaminants which could cause damage to the surface during manufacturing, transportation and installation. The specially formulated adhesive provides good adhesion to many surfaces and allows clean removal even after sunlight and outdoor exposure.

Heavy Duty surface cleaner

Heavy Duty Cleaning Range

Our range of Packaging Tapes are made of the finest quality material and adhesive. . These powerful cleaners can be used for degreasing, removing glue, cleaning metal and aluminium, and can clean even the toughest, dirtiest construction environments.

Dewpoint Industries offers a wide range of protection tapes for most aluminum surface. These aluminium protection products range from natural anodised to powder coated surfaces.

Our range of tapes are designed to provide superior handling and abrasion protection against scratches to aluminium surfaces and materials during the various manufacturing, coating and handling processes. From low tack to high tack films and tapes, to specialised packaging solutions for transport and handling, we are the trusted supplier and distributor of protective products for aluminium surfaces and materials.

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