Aluminium Solutions

We offer a wide range of solutions to help with all your aluminium needs.

Tech Film Premium

Glass Protection Film

Protective Tape

Aluminium Protection Tape

Heavy Duty surface cleaner

Packaging Tape

Heavy Duty surface cleaner

Heavy Duty Cleaning Range

We offer a wide range of protection tapes for most aluminum surface ranging from natural anodised to powder coated surfaces. Our range of tapes are designed to provide superior handling and abrasion protection against scratches during the various manufacturing, coating and handling processes.

From low tack to high tack films and tapes to specialised packaging solutions for transport and handling.

General Protection Film
Aluminium surfaces including powder coated, natural and anodized aluminium

Aluminium Protection Tape
A complete range of protection tapes for aluminium extrusions and aluminium windows and doors

Packaging Tapes
Remove glue and other residue from glass and aluminium surfaces

Heavy Duty Cleaning Range
Our range of Packaging Tapes are made of the finest quality material and adhesive.