Heavy Duty Cleaning Range

Dewpoint Industries has formulated a large range of heavy duty cleaning solutions specifically for the construction industry. Ideal for aluminium and glass surfaces, industrial cleaning, and applications. These powerful cleaners can be used for degreasing, removing glue, cleaning metal and aluminium, and can clean even the toughest, dirtiest construction environments.

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R2X Residue Remover

Name: R2X Residue Remover

  • Sizes: 5L & 25L
  • Colours: Clear
  • Safe to use on all glass and aluminium surfaces
  • See product data sheet for suitability


R2x-HD Heavy Duty Cleaner

Name: R2X-HD (Heavy Duty)

  • Sizes: 5L & 25L
  • Colours: Clear
  • Removes stubborn glue markings
  • See product data sheet for suitability
R2X Gel

Name: R2X Gel

  • Sizes: 5L
  • Colours: Clear Gel
  • Hazardous. Designed to help loosen film and other material that is stubborn to remove from surface. Not to be used on coated surfaces.

Applications for heavy duty cleaning range

Dewpoint Industries has a range of cleaning solutions for the construction industry. Use these heavy duty cleaning products to:

  • pre-clean glass,
  • remove glue,
  • remove residue from glass and aluminium surfaces.

If you would like to know more about our cleaning products, please request a data sheet for detailed information and suitability for your industry. We believe in old-fashioned, good service, so we are always ready to answer any questions you might have, or help wherever we can. Please contact Dewpoint Industries for your cleaning and temporary surface protection solutions.

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