Carpet Protection Film

We offer a premium self-adhesive floor protection film that has been designed to protect floor surfaces ranging from carpets to vinyl and even tiles. Trust Dewpoint Industries with your temporary surface protective solutions.

Nationwide Delivery, Our extensive supply network and years of experience mean your Carpet floor protection is the right mix of quality at competitive prices.
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Carpet Protect

Self Adhesive Protection Film

Tech Film Carpet Protect was designed specifically for protecting carpets during renovations and building projects. The thick and durable self-adhesive film offers excellent protection against foot traffic, tools and material movement on site as well as against plaster, cement, paint, mud and other dirt found on active building sites. The product is safe to use on most carpet surfaces including long pile and short pile carpets and allows for easy and clean removal after use.

The film can be applied by hand or with one of our carpet applicators custom made for this application.


  • Excellent Adhesion to most Carpets and Woven Products
  • Excellent Puncture and Tear Resistance
  • 100% Moist Resistance – Mud, Water, Paint etc
  • Easy and Clean Removal After Use
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain


  • Indoors up to 30 days
  • Apply by hand or with Roller Applicator

Sizes Available:

  • 620mm x 100m

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