Kitchen and Cabinetry Protection Film

Our temporary protective solutions are for all phases of the project. The kitchen and cabinetry protection film solutions will keep your kitchens and bathrooms protected during every phase of the project. The product is designed to help resolve challenges that are faced daily in the kitchen and cabinetry manufacturing and installation industry as well as the building and construction industry.

Nationwide Delivery, Our extensive supply network and years of experience mean your Kitchen and Cabinetry Protection Film is the right mix of quality at competitive prices.
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Our Tech Film product is ideal for protecting finished surfaces and appliances including kitchen appliances and cabinetry, bathroom units and cupboard doors and vanities. The self-adhesive protective film offers excellent protection against abrasion marks and scratches as well as plaster, paint, building dust and other dirt found on active building and construction sites. The product is safe to use on most cabinetry and even stone surfaces and allows for easy and clean removal. Dewpoint Industries is your partner in innovative, reliable surface protection solutions. We are standing by to assist you in keeping your sensitive surfaces safe and smooth during every phase of the project or build – from storage, to transport, to installation.


  • 100% Moist Resistant
  • Excellent Puncture and Tear Resistance
  • Excellent Adhesion to most Surfaces
  • Clean Removal


  • Cabinetry and Appliances
  • Hand applied
  • Indoor Application – up to 30 days

Sizes Available:

  • 610mm x 500m