Masking Film

Masking Protection Film (Pre-Taped) protect surfaces from overspray, flaking, paint drips and even splatter and dust in no time for a variety of surfaces during construction, production and manufacturing processes allowing you to perform your work with confidence.

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Pre Taped Masking Film

Masking Protection Film

Create a dust and paint overspray barrier to any surface or room

The static cling plastic material folds out and clings to most surfaces. The product is ideal for protecting finished surfaces and appliances including kitchen appliances and cabinetry, bathroom units and cupboard doors and vanities. It can also be applied to baseboards and fold out as a painters drop sheet. The static film offers excellent protection against abrasion marks and scratches as well as plaster, paint, building dust and other dirt found on active building and construction sites. The product is safe to use on most cabinetry and even stone surfaces and allows for easy and clean removal.


  • Different sizes for covering both small and large surfaces
  • Static Cling HDPE Film making it adhere to any surface in any direction (no adhesive)
  • Pre-folded plastic – Unfold and use in one easy step
  • Pre-taped with HT Masking Tape for razor sharp lines
  • Quick and Easy masking capabilities, saving time, labour and material
  • Easily and convenient to dispose reducing waste removal cost and time


  • Dust protection for building sites and renovations
  • Dust and Paint overspray barrier
  • Ideal for spray booths and clean rooms

Sizes Available:

  • 55cm drop down x 33m length per roll
  • 110cm drop down x 33m length per roll
  • 270cm drop down x 16m length per roll

Ideal for quickly and easily masking both large and small surfaces whilst creating precise razor-sharp lines. The film allows significant light transmission and is ideal for coating and painting applications. The pre-folded film conveniently unfolds to 55cm, 1,1m or 2,7m, making it ideal for covering surfaces when working around painted walls and trim, windows and kitchen cupboards, cabinetry, doors and even windowsills and skirting boards. It’s suitable for indoor use and is removable without a trace of adhesive residue for up to 14 days use.

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