Glass and Aluminium protection tape are made from high quality materials and they provide excellent protection against damage during installation and construction. The tape is very strong and durable. It is recommended to use these tapes when installing glass doors and windows as well as aluminium frames. You should apply them with a clean cloth and leave them to dry before using them again.

You can use it to protect glass and aluminium surfaces.

These tapes are available in various colours and designs so you can find one that matches your home décor. They are easy to install and remove and they will not affect the appearance of any surface.

It comes with an adhesive backing which makes it easier to apply.

You can use these tapes to protect your windows, doors, mirrors, glass tables, and other surfaces. They are very durable and they won’t crack or peel off easily. They are also water resistant and they can withstand extreme temperatures.

It has a non-toxic formula which means it won’t harm your furniture or other items.

It is easy to apply and remove as well.

It’s available in various colours.

You can find these tapes at home improvement stores. They are available in different sizes and shapes.


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