Building Site Management – The Pain of Rain!

Muddy boots mixed with contractors and deadlines. This is every site manager’s and flooring contractor’s nightmare during the rainy season, especially if the final floor is busy going down or is already in. Second fix contractors don’t need to walk on walls or ceilings to access their respective trades, however, last time we checked they all need the floor. Yet there is an easy way to turn this nightmare into sweet dreams.

On a rainy day, the typical approach to floor protection would be left over flooring boxes to form makeshift pathways or plastic sheets strewn to do the same. Besides looking unprofessional, this will just not do the job. Slippery coverings coupled with wet feet and grit will undermine the beautiful floor installation you have already done or paid for.

So let’s take the stress out of this process. Dewpoint Industries has various grades of temporary flooring and corner protection solutions, yet even the highest grade available used alone will deteriorate with water exposure over time.

Our solution to extreme wet high-traffic site entrance halls is to double up. With the careful application of either the Protective Board Heavy Duty or Protective Board XTRA Heavy Duty Floor Protection, we suggest using our self-adhesive floor protection film directly over the top of the Protective Board, providing that extra 100% moisture protection.

No matter the exposure, using a combination of protective flooring products and practical site management during the rainy season is a sure-fire way to limit damage to your flooring surfaces.

Consider these five compelling reasons to protect your site with Protective Board Floor Protection:

1. Manage entry and exit points to the interior, with speed and ease
2. Create designated walkways to manage human traffic
3. Display professionalism in doing things well
4. Save time and money by limiting the exposure to risk
5. Increase earnings through additional product sales and services to your customers

Don’t let walked-in mud and rain cloud your day. Get pro-active!

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