Save Yourself The Pain Of A Do-over – Use Floor Protection!

Protective Board Heavy Duty Floor Protection

A stitch in time saves nine? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? We don’t have time to do it properly but we always have time to do it over? These pearls of wisdom aim to save us the pain of short-term thinking by doing things properly, upfront.

And much like paying for insurance, many project custodians think that temporary flooring protection can be classified as a grudge purchase. STOP right there. It’s NOT! It’s essential, a must-have. It’s the stitch that will both save you time and protect your pocket.

Let’s face it, construction sites are messy and chaotic, with every individual contractor chasing their deadlines and each thinking that their trade is the most important. Many floors don’t reach the handover date in their ideal condition. Paint, dust, impact, water and more. This is a common problem and a rather costly one if it needs replacing or refinishing.


Protective Board Floor Protection

Floor protection, like Protective Board, safeguards your floor for the special handover day. It supports you to deliver the floor in the way it was originally intended, thus avoiding premature, accidental and unconscious damage from the likes of supporting trades and freaks of nature. The cost of protective board is inconsequential when compared to the remedial costs that can easily escalate into hundreds of thousands of Rand. Think of it this way: if you choose not to protect your client’s floors, what budget will you allocate to repair or replace them?

Consider these five compelling reasons to protect your site with Protective Board:

1. Minimise risk of site contamination.
2. Be proactive, not reactive.
3. Display professionalism in doing things well.
4. Save time and money, thus maximising your profit.
5. Increase earnings through additional product sales. 

Protective Board Heavy Duty Floor Protection

Protective Board is a no-brainer when it comes down to saving money, saving time and safeguarding your client’s investment. It should be a non-negotiable line item for every project rather than an afterthought.


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