Top 5 Reasons why professional builders use PROTECTIVE BOARD

#1. It’s the right tool for the job! When they need to protect their floors they know there is only one product that does the job right…Protective Board. Using the right products saves time and money and reduces risk of damaging floors in the process.

#2 Designed to be the most practical floor protection solution on the market. The fact that anyone on their team can use it without needing special tools or skills is a win win for them. No time to waste. Easily covers 97m2 of flooring with 1 roll of Protective Board!

#3 Protective Board outlasts all other options, resulting in less down time, less materials used and less money spend. After comparing Protective Board to other materials and methods (even those that appear to be cheaper) it is hands down the most cost effective working floor protection solution in the building industry.

#4 Protective Board is an environmentally friendly and reusable product. Some projects go on to re use Protective Board as much as 5 times! Thus solving a number of problems with just one product…saving them money and doing their part in the crucial fight against global warming.

#5 The most important reason why professional builders and flooring contractors uses Protective Board is because it shows how much they care and value their work and their reputation, setting them apart from the average builder and contractor.


Heavy Duty Floor Protection

Protective Board is a Heavy Duty Floor Protection that is used for protecting most types of floors and surfaces including wooden floors, vinyl floors, porcelain and ceramic tiled floors and even polished concrete and epoxy floors. on general building and construction sites and projects with moderate foot traffic.

The product offers excellent durability from constant foot traffic, tools and machinery movement on building and construction sites as well as a spill barrier which prevents paint, water and other liquids from seeping through. Maintained regularly and it can even be re used.



  • Sizes: 880mm x 110m
  • Colours: Brown
  • General Floor Protection
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Easy to use
  • Use for tiles, wooden floors, vinyl, laminate and even epoxy floors.
  • Breathable

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