Tech Film Premium: Applied correctly, not even the Cape doctor can blow it off

One of the many challenges Aluminium Window and Door manufacturers and installers face is how to ensure their products stay protected after it has been installed on site.

The Cape doctor is a strong south-easterly wind and can reach speeds in excess of 100kmph. You can imagine plastic blowing everywhere if not applied properly. Exactly what you don’t want as it will be a pain in your backside.

In this image the Aluminium Window and Door manufacturer uses our Techfilm Premium Self-adhesive glass protection film to protect the entire Aluminium window to ensure the glass and aluminium stays protected on site, during building and construction work.

Here are their 5 pro tips on how to windproof your aluminium window protection:

1. Apply indoors if possible. The less uncontrollable elements there are the easier it is to get it done right!

2. Use an alcohol based pre cleaner to ensure surface is clean and dry before applying the film. Alcohol evaporates almost instantly leaving the surface clean and dry. Moisture and dust is not your friend!

3. pply with even tension to get a smooth and even laydown. You want to have as little air pockets, bubbles and creases as possible.
This prevents tears and entry points for wind to get hold of.

4. Use a large squeegee or cloth instead of your hand to apply film to glass. The evenly spread pressure ensures the self-adhesive film properly bonds with the surface and helps push out any unwanted air bubbles and creases.

5. Secure the outer edge of the protected Aluminium window or door with a thick, strong protection tape to ensure the film does not come loose. This will also provide added protection from plasters to the Aluminium frames.

NB! Make sure there are no loose ends from the protection film and tape that can get caught by wind.

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