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We’ve all had the satisfying experience of removing protective film from our new mobile phone, a white appliance, or a technological device. Slowly, carefully, and with perhaps some thoughts of never removing it, we peel off that film and marvel at the brand-new wonder before us. Just for that moment, our product is perfectly clean and blemish free.

Now let’s start thinking about how we can transfer that experience to your own customers, on the job site or at your production factory.

Glass and aluminium, coated metals, stainless steel and other products need to be protected during manufacturing processes, transport and handling through multiple vehicles and hands, through to installation, and then the life between being installed and the handover to the end client.

How do you protect these products easily and cost effectively? You gift wrap them with Dewpoint Industries’ Temporary Protective Tech Film! This easy to apply technical film will protect your materials from scratches, moisture, paint and more. With quick removal at the end of your project, your products will be perfectly clean and blemish free, reducing cleaning and damage costs that far outweigh the cost of the film and application thereof.

No matter what the exposure, using a combination of good housekeeping and Dewpoint Industries’ wide array of protective products, you can greatly reduce damage, cleaning costs and time. It’s well worth the effort up front. And just think about the value-adding experience of your customers unwrapping your masterpieces.

Consider these five compelling reasons to protect your site with Protective Tech Film:
1. Minimise damage and snagging costs.
2. Reduce cleaning costs for handover.
3. Display professionalism in doing things well.
4. Increase earnings through additional product sales.
5. Make your customers feel engaged in the experience provided.

Being professional means being thoughtful. Give your clients the gift of temporary protective film!

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